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Put Your Money to Work.

Our Society teaches us very little about financial literacy. We learn how to make money, spend money and get into debt. Very little information is ever spread to hard-working families or businesses about how to build true wealth the way wall street does. Legacy Company is a financial company that that seeks to re-educate Americans as to how money truly works. Our goal is to teach people how to navigate mindsets around money we learned as children, increase cash flow and create passive income all without the help of Wall Street or hiring expensive financial advisors. The secrets to true wealth is learning how to leverage money, protect it, and grow it exponentially with very little risk, quickly but certainly.

Learn About Uninterupted Compounding
The modern day principles taught are broken compounding
Understand Opportunity Costs and Financial Leverage
Most principles are not taught even by traditional financial advisors.
Control, Enhance and Maximize Your Assets
Learn financial literacy and get access to more than just your traditional investment vehicles.

This is How We Work

At Our legacy Company, we pride ourselves in providing holistic and strategic financial planning. Learning how to utilize cashflow, amplify assets and create a working ecosystem of wealth is more than just a few products thrown together. At Legacy, our team looks at your entire life scope and legacy planing as a whole to help you maximize your wealth.
Phase 1 consists of getting a snapshot of your current financial world. We refer to this as your "Financial MRI" to see what we need to fix, re-arrange or add to a solid long term strategy.

There is no one stop shop with our company- we believe that before anything can be done, a detailed understanding of your financial house must be taken into account.

Phase 2 is helping you understand and gain clarity around options that best suit you or your families needs. Often times traditional planners skip this step and go right to setting your money into funds and assets that you do not fully understand.

The traditional financial system is broken at best; the financial companies, wall street and the Government seem to be the only ones winning the money game. Our goal is to educate, guide, and empower clients to own their education around money again.

Phase 3 is the design step. One our advisors - or depending on your situation, a team of advisors - creates a personalized financial strategy for you based on the first two phases.

At legacy we not only do traditional planning and cash flow banking strategies, we have options for many other avenues to grow and amplify your wealth, strategic partnerships to help set up trusts and protect Assets as you grow them.

Phase 4 Is the building and maintaining phase. This is where we take the personalized plan created in phase three and put it to action, helping you grow and expand your assets into generational wealth.

Everybody will have a different plan depending on their source of income, family dynamics and goals. Our team accomplishes strategy for anybody from small families just starting out to large executives of companies and even athletes/celebrities. Our advisory team experience is vast and if we cannot get something done in the financial world, we 100% have strategic partnerships in place that can.


Create your vision of financial peace for your legacy


We work with you to determine a best fit plan that will help accomplish your goal


During this journey to financial freedom, we are with you every step of the way.


Follow your plan and watch as your money begins to work for you.

Peace of Mind

In a world where everything seems to be fast paced with a ton of noise, our advisors give you clarity, certainty and guidance as well as education at every step. Growing wealth should not be a chore, it should be a journey we look forward to.

Take Control of Your Legacy

Generational lessons are often left out of the concepts and teachings of money. Learning the rules of finance, literacy around investing and cash flow- should be taught to the future generations.

Learn principles around money not taught in schools
From a young age we are taught very little about money, taxes or the global markets. We help you get on an even playing field in life.
Follow a blueprint to stop falling short
Taxes, inflation and government programs slow down wealth- learn the truth to navigate your financial life more effectively
Maximize your income for a lifetime
Most strategies taught around money benefit the government and financial institutions. Learn to play the game the way they do!

Personal Finance Coaching

Lay the groundwork for financial success. Learn mindsets disciplines and tactics to reduce loss by the main factor that usually hampers any bodies money journey. YOURSELF! You are the steward of your wealth, assets, and investments . How you view and understand money is the key to long term abundance

Cash Flow & Vault Principles

For years, middle-class Americans have been taught to find a job, work tirelessly, pay taxes, save as much as possible in a 401k or IRA, and then utilize those funds to support their retirement while continuing to pay taxes on the money they're taking out. And for the hard working American this doesn’t work- however it works great for the government that reaps the benefit.However, more and more Americans are looking to the 1% to learn to leverage a “ vault banking" ecosystem of cash storage, creating velocity of money, all while sheltering their money from taxes.

Trusts & Tax Strategy

Whether for business or personal- the tax code is highly misunderstood by many, even by most CPAs. The tax code is meant to work FOR US not against us. Learning the value of property trust arrangements and entities is a must to sheltering assets from the government overreach programs or simply to shelter your hard earned money from lawsuits.

Investment Grade Life Insurance Contracts

These contracts used by the wealthy, allow you to operate your money in a way that grows, but eliminates tax burden all while providing life benefits and death benefits for your heirs. You can create a family banking system without involving the government or the IRS so they don’t take large amounts of your wealth as it grows.

Estate Planning & Last Will/Testament

Having a proper estate plan will ensure you do not leave a mess behind for your family to deal with in court in the event of an unexpected death . The decisions you make now can have a profound effect on your family later. One of the simplest and easiest things you can do is get your affairs in order now. We can help make sure your wealth ends up where you want it, how you want it.

Meet the Owner

David K. Hutchinson
CEO & Owner at Legacy Company

David K. Hutchinson was born and raised in the midwest, served six years in the Military and one tour of duty. David came from nothing but a small town and family with no wealth. After battling poverty, depression and near suicidal times- David worked his way up in the financial world from life insurance, to consulting and estate planning, to now running his own Financial Company working with wealthy families, athletes, influencers, and private equity companies. David has learned the art of developing the self, the body and the mind which ultimately builds a life of monetary wealth, abundance and FREEDOM.

David's life and legacy goal is to help others dig themselves out of ruts & mediocrity to lead a life by design, and with all of the freedoms one can think of. David believes our society makes it hard on purpose; the financial industry, food industry, banking industry and even the education system are all set up to keep us down, struggling, depressed, and broke. David's Legacy Company is, what he believes, the key to fighting back against that.

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